A Studio Practice
Graduate School Studio, drop cloth curtain, Instagram videos
DREAM TIME Lecture Series 
2020 - ∞
Speakers: Lex Brown, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, Fidencio Fifield-Perez. Avani Tandon Vieire, Isa Gagarin, Enrique Figueredo, Sandy Williams IV, Cora Lautze (WHAT Editions)
Lectures by various creative practictioners whose work enters a dream space through imagination and reassessing the present. The series evolved from a class I taught in 2020, where students used drawing as a way of envisioning alternate futures. Each lecture poster is a lino relief print.
Garden School
2020, Summer
Coloured pencils on dotgrid 
Possible classroom scenes in future Garden School: a school for young children where the curriculum and semesters are molded around everything that’s happening in the garden.